World EV Day: A Sustainability-Focused Celebration to Bring Attention to EVs

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Electric cars are the mobility option of the present and the future. These environmentally friendly vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions and can reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by as much as 64% compared to vehicles powered with traditional fuels.

Figure 1: World EV Day – Source: TechAU

To celebrate Electric Vehicles (EVs), World EV Day is celebrated every year on September 9th. If you want to learn about EVs, their advantages, and their role in stopping climate change, be sure to celebrate World EV Day 2023. In this article, you will learn everything about this celebration.

What is World EV’s Day?

Electric Vehicle Day is the official celebration created to promote everything about electric cars. This day is designed to promote awareness of EVs, their benefits, and all the information that citizens of the world require to understand more about e-mobility.

This celebration takes place in social media through different campaigns and multimedia events, but also in life meet-up events. To celebrate World EV Day, every year a theme is chosen to focus all the awareness and information on that particular subject, promoting the importance of these vehicles.

History of World Electric Car Day

World Electric Car Day was first celebrated on September 9th, 2020. This exciting day was created by Ade Thomas through its sustainability media platform Green.TV. Thomas promotes e-mobility through initiatives like the EV SUMMIT, Ebike Summit, EV LIVE, and many others.

Thanks to Electric Vehicles Day, more than 1 billion people learn every year about these vehicles, their importance, and many other subjects EV related. This day has been mentioned in the UK parliament, and celebrated by the top climate advisor in the White House.

Which Country Sells the Most EVs?

Awareness of electric cars and their importance have reached many countries across the world that have reached a high number of sales. The most important ones include the US, Germany, France, the UK, Norway, and others, but China is the country that achieved the highest number of EVs sold worldwide.

Figure 2: Statistics on most EV sales 2011 – 2021 – Source: Visual Capitalist

In 2021, China held 51.7% of the sales with over 3.5 million vehicles sold during that year out of the 6.8 million EVs sold worldwide. The number of sales grew in 2022 to a little under 6 million electric vehicles. It is expected that the number might grow in 2023 by around 14.18%, meaning that China would be selling this year roughly 7 million electric vehicles.

The importance of World Electric Car Day

Electric cars are much more than an innovative mobility solution featuring a different technology. Thanks to the unique properties of these vehicles, EVs can help reduce air pollution and tackle GHG emissions that are rapidly accelerating climate change and wreaking havoc around the world.

Raising public awareness on everything related to EVs through World Electric Car Day is one of the best tactics to reach a wider audience on the problem caused by conventional gas vehicles and EVs as the most immediate and effective solution. EVs have the potential to change the future of humanity.

As World EV Day reaches more than a billion people every year, the day increases the chances of people understanding what is needed to change the world for the better and the importance of these vehicles. The best way to help, aside from acquiring an EV, is celebrating this day to reach a wider audience.

World Electric Car Day in 2023

As expected, 2023 will celebrate the fourth World EV Day on September 9th, 2023. The theme for EV day 2023 has not yet been disclosed, but it will probably bring some important questions focused on improving the EV industry, just like the 2022 whitepaper research study did during EV day 2022.

The countdown for World EV Day 2023 is currently being held on the official website of the event. There you can find out how to participate in the day, either by becoming a social partner, a sector lead partner, or by arranging an EV meet-up near your area to promote awareness of the usage of EVs. 

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