Hotel Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station For Hotels

Competitiveness in the hospitality industry is very high. To stay relevant, your business needs to constantly come up with ideas and extra benefits that can be offered to potential customers who look for something extra during their business trip or their family vacations.

Adding EV charging for hotels is a good way to do this since many customers will potentially have an electric vehicle or may be looking to rent an EV in that location as well. Moreover, hotels that are located in distant areas such as mountains or private beaches will definitely want to be thinking of enabling a hotel charging station. Customers who own an electric vehicle may disengage from staying in the hotel by learning that there is no EV charging station, even though they like the hotel amenities, location, and prices.

Some booking websites are already adding EV charging filters to their search engines, which means your hotel, could be dropped out of the selection. Many hotel chains such as Holiday Inn, Hilton, Marriot, Hyatt, IHG, and Radisson already have or are planning to install hotel charging stations in the near future.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, getting a set of Level 2 CSE1 charging stations is the best solution for you. Equipped with OCPP, the CSE1 charging station allows your customers to easily charge their EVs and monitor their charging status remotely while having multiple payment methods available.

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Is the CSE1 Rated to Be Installed Outdoors?

Yes, the CSE11 charging station is an ETL-listed equipment with a Type 3 enclosure that is rated to work indoors or outdoors.  This means it is rated to prevent dirt and dust from entering inside the equipment and is also protected against rain, snow, or sleet.

How Can Hotels Charge for the EV Charging Station?

Several alternatives have been implemented. The most common one is that the hotel assigns an electricity rate for the EV charger. Customers just need to connect, select their desired payment method and start charging the EV.

Other hotels have chosen to include a flat rate per day for reservations in bedrooms with access to the EV charger, while others simply choose to provide this as a valuable amenity to bring in customers, free of charge.

Is There Any Limit on the Number of EV Chargers That Can Be Installed Together?

There is no specific limit as to the number of EV chargers that can be installed in a hotel. However, limitations may come from the existing electrical infrastructure of the building. EV chargers generally require to have a dedicated circuit branch for the EV charger that can vary from 16A to 48A.

If there is not enough electrical capacity to feed all the desired number of EV chargers, then an infrastructure upgrade may be required. An alternative to this is using power management devices like the EVMC that allow you to use the same dedicated circuit to feed several EV chargers at the same time.

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