About EVMC

EV Management Controller

The EVMC is Cyber Switching’s smart solution for EV charging station owners that optimizes electrical infrastructure in order to bring down material and installation costs while increasing efficiency and savings on utility bills. The EVMC easily integrates with different types of EV chargers and allows for the successful deployment of multiple EV charging stations using a single EV charge controller unit.

Why you should consider EVMC

Looking for an affordable solution to install EV Charging Stations? Don't want to upgrade your electrical panel?
Facility requirements are reduced 4-8 times
Peak demand Is reduced 4-8 times as well
Employee productivity and morale improved
Intelligent management of EV charging power use
Key Features

Make optimal use of the grid with EV charging

As one of the best EV charging management solutions, the EVMC can be set up to maximize charging from the grid during off-peak periods. This allows maximizing utility bill savings by reducing the amount of energy that is purchased from the grid during on-peak rate demand periods. Moreover, peak-power demand utility charges are also reduced since a single 40-60A branch circuit is used to power up to eight EVs.
Key Features

No panel upgrade &
less trenching costs

From 4 to 8 times as many vehicles can be charged using the same facilities. Infrastructure material costs for new facilities can be reduced by up to 75%. Monthly utility bills are reduced as the impact of EV charging on peak demand is kept at a minimum. Construction material and labor costs dramatically reduced. Less need for individual circuits, pipe or conduit, wire, and circuit breakers. Most importantly, EVMC has huge environmental benefits.
Other Features

Some other features which
make EVMC special

The EVMC is an EV charging management system that:
Simple to install
Easily integrates with existing electrical infrastructure
Less infrastructure
Reduces infrastructure costs for deployment of EV charging stations
Remotely Control
Power and monitor any dumb L-2 EV charger remotely
Charges up to 8 EV charging stations using a single feeder
Charge 4-8 times

More EVs using the
same facilities

The EVMC dynamic load management system easily enables rotational charging to efficiently alternate power among connected EVs on programmable time frames of 10 to 120 min. This avoids the need to perform any kind of electrical infrastructure upgrades while allowing using the existing facilities to the fullest in order to power fleets of electrical vehicles. The EV charging station management system can also be set up to distribute power among all connected EVs from a single feeder or prioritize charging of a specific EV station to be the first to finish charging.
Rotational Charging
Power rotated, continuously searching for a vehicle to charge
Programmable cycles
Charge cycle durations are fully programmable.
Environmental benefits
Less electricity, less construction materials, less circuits, conduits and wires
Patented and Certified
EVMC is patented and UL listed
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