EV Charging for Auto Dealerships

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Solutions for Auto Dealerships

The transportation is going through a complete revolution process and the businesses who do not adapt to the new changes will be left out of the market. Of course, we are talking about electric vehicles, which will be replacing gas-based cars sooner than what everybody thinks. Actually, the European Union has already announced a ban on new sales of petrol and diesel cars from 2035 while Biden’s administration has set a new national target to make EVs represent half of all new car sales by 2030. This is just the beginning as similar measures are expected to expand across the world in the following years.

 This is why auto-dealerships need to start thinking about changing their traditional fossil fuel based cars to electric vehicles. They do not only provide higher environmental benefits but also increase our independence from foreign natural resources. However, business owners also need to get ready for this change and think about what it means to have an EV fleet for sale. There is no doubt that business owners will need to start considering having an electric car charging station dealership.

Moreover, while selecting equipment that simply charges the electric vehicles is okay, this is just a basic requirement. Smart EV charging stations like the CSE1 provide several benefits that will add substantial value to your EV charging needs. Not only management capabilities but also user-friendly applications and higher power ratings. Let us see some of these extra benefits.

Perks of an EV Charging Station for Your Auto Dealerships

Showcase EV Charging and Increase Sales

While customers will have many questions about having an EV that could be answered directly, there is nothing better than showing the customer, on the sale-spot, everything that they need to know about the charging and management process.

An electric car charging station dealership will be ready for customers to take a look and feel the experience of having an EV. This not only relieves concerns that potential customers may have but also increases the chances of making a sale.

Attract New Customers

Having an electric car charging station dealership provides additional benefits that not even today’s car dealerships have. By setting up a public EV charging station within your dealership you will be able to bring new potential customers who need to stop by to charge their EV.

While in regular dealership customers go specifically because they need to get a vehicle, an electric car charging station dealership will increase the traffic volume of your business and give sales reps the chance to catch potential customers’ interest with new models and developments.

Make a Profit

In addition to the previous benefits, you will also be able to set pricing for the kWh consumed.  Besides, you will bring brand awareness to your dealership company because it is green-mind oriented and has an electric charging station, which could also turn into sales and profits.

How it Works

EV charging stations are very simple to use.

  • Install your CSE1 charger by connecting it to a circuit branch that has an electrical supply of 240VAC.
  • Make use of your existing electrical infrastructure by either connecting the CSE1 directly to the main panel board (if possible) or install an EVMC unit to maximize the use of the existing electric infrastructure to charge as many vehicles as possible. 
  • Set up your CSE1 for standby mode and get EV charging anytime!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does My Electric Car Need a Special Charger Interface for the CSE1?

No, the CSE1 is designed with a SAE J1172 Type 1 Charging interface, which is a standard industry connector that all EVs are compatible with.

What Does the Charging Speed Depend On?

The main factor is the power rating of the EV charging station. The higher the kW value, the higher current the EV station will provide and the faster the car will get charged. However, there are other factors that also play a role in the charging speed including:

  • EV Battery State of Charge
  • Battery temperature
  • Vehicle’s voltage and current limits
  • Battery degradation

Are EV Charging Auto Dealerships a Good Investment?

The EV industry will not stop and will continue its expansion. For your car dealership to stay in business you must make the switch to an EV based fleet for sale. EV charging auto dealerships will have better chances of making a sale than car dealerships that do not have EV charging stations. Having EV chargers within your property premises also alleviates range anxiety and provides comfortability for users. Moreover, you will also have access to state incentives that promote the development of EV charging stations across the country

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