EV Charging Station for Schools

EV Charging Stations for Schools

Educational institutions are one of the most common places where usually a lot of people gather for study, meetings, and events. As the EV industry expands towards new sectors, more and more students and teachers will start bringing their electric vehicles to the campus. Moreover, since universities and colleges are the sources of knowledge and innovation in the world, it is natural for these institutions to have a piece of equipment that supports sustainability initiatives of the community such as purchasing an EV.

Serving the needs of this increasing population will soon become an important asset for the institution itself and will benefit members of the community who will enjoy the possibility of charging their EVs at their educational center.

An EV school charging station such as the CSE1 will properly serve the needs of any educational community that wants to do their part for the environment. This EV charger can be installed wall-mounted or pedestal-mounted while being outdoors or indoors as well. This allows the possibility to place the charger almost anywhere within the educational property.

Moreover, the EV charger works by using an internet connection that can be integrated either via Wi-Fi, LAN, or a 4G mobile network. This will allow the user to remotely monitor the charging status of the connected EV to verify when the vehicle has been completely charged, a feature that will become very important in an educational institution.

Perks of an EV Charging Station for Your Campus

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How Does the RFID User Authentication Work?

The RFID user authentication is probably one of the best ways to enable control access to the charger. The best thing is that it is simple to use. Simply by using an RFID card from the educational institution the user will be able to activate the EV charging station and have access to the system to start the charging process.

How Can the User Pay for the Electricity Consumed?

The CSE1 EV charger has been designed to work with multiple payment platforms including Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and credit or debit cards. EV driver will attach his payment method and will get charged for the charging based on the site host’s rate.

How Does the User Know When the EV is Completely Charged?

A driver will get a notification via AmpUp mobile app about it. Also, The CSE1 EV charging station has a multi-colored LED charging status indicator which gives a reference of the charging status for the EVSE. When the vehicle is connected, a flashing green light will be seen, after the car has been completely charged, the green light will be constant.

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