About Us

Briefly about us

Founded in 1994, Cyber Switching continues to pioneer new power distribution technologies and techniques. With a strong focus on innovative power solutions, our team has created multiple product lines that offer new and exciting methods of managing energy.

The ever-growing list of patented solutions ranges from uses in office spaces, local governments, multi-unit dwellings, universities, test labs and many more.

Moving forward, Cyber Switching has shifted its gaze towards the future of EV charging. The strongest factor being sustainability and cost effectiveness, Cyber Switching has developed initially a unique method to combat the looming fear of maxing out the power grid’s limit and then – the most reliable commercial EV charging station in the industry.

We deeply care about:

Greener earth
Power Management

Chuck Reynolds, CEO and owner of the company, prior to Cyber Switching founded CH REYNOLDS, one of the largest electrical contractor firms in Silicon Valley. Our experience is the reason for our success. We’ve worked with over 190 organizations so far including HP, Foxconn, Intuitive, Adobe, Inventec, PG&E, BDBIO, CBRE, JLL, UC Davis, Princeton University, City of San Francisco, City of Seattle and many more companies.


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