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Submetering systems are designed to monitor and measure electrical power by various systems within a facility. Submeters can be easily installed to monitor HVAC, indoor and outdoor lighting, computer facilities, refrigeration, general receptacles, and electric vehicle charging stations. With advanced submeters in place, each system’s use of electrical power can be identified and outlying heavy users can be targeted for energy efficiency programs.

Why you should submeter?

Submetering provides facility managers real-time and historic data on power use and power quality on multiple subsystems in a building’s infrastructure
Facility requirements are reduced 4-8 times
Peak demand Is reduced 4-8 times as well
Employee productivity and morale improved
Intelligent management of EV charging power use

Cyber Switching Submetering System

A Title 24 compliant, the CS-400 provides all the benefits of submetering and offers ease of installation and cost-effective performance for commercial building power metering and monitoring, in both new and retrofit applications. Our meters are one of the few meters UL Listed® for field installation into existing electrical subpanels. Designed for performance at an unprecedented price point, the CS-400 solution provides capabilities and performance which, until now, have only been available in significantly more costly meters. The system is comprised of modular components to efficiently meet requirements in all applications.

Other Benefits of Submetering systems

Submeters are also designed to be installed to meter the electrical power use by subtenants in a commercial building, giving a facility manager the ability to track and bill-back for tenant power use. This allows for the recapturing of energy costs and creates a cost-saving mindset in tenants as well. Armed with real-time information, a facility manager can take steps towards troubleshooting unexplained power use or implementing more effective energy cost saving initiatives. Good information allows for good decisions.
Submetering Products

The System Components

The system is comprised of modular components to efficiently meet requirements in all applications
CS-400-MM Submeter Module
UL listed
The Submeter Hub
Management interface for the CS-400
CS-400-CT Coils
Capable of metering power usage for 50, 100, 300, and 600 amp circuits
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