Hospital Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station For Hospital

Climate change represents a significant threat to humankind, not only due to potential natural disasters that can arise from it, but also due to its effects on human health. Greenhouse gas emissions potentially increase temperature-related deaths as well as respiratory illness due to low air quality.

As a matter of fact, research has found that nearly 30,000 emergency-room visits in California between 2005 and 2007 could have been avoided if federal clean-air standards had been met. Preventive healthcare is important to save lives and reduce medical costs and this is why healthcare centers need to know that installing a hospital charging station for electric vehicles is part of the solution.

Hundreds of people come in and out of hospitals every day including doctors, nurses, staff, and patients, many of which already have or will probably have electric vehicles in the foreseeable future. This is why hospitals are great places for the installation of EV charging stations since most of the people who attend the place are likely to spend a few hours or even the whole day at the place (in the case of the staff).

By installing an EV charging station for the hospital you will be sending a positive message to the community and to the patients to make them notice that the healthcare center is concerned about the environment and wants to do its part by promoting the development of electric vehicles which do not emit GHG as gas or diesel cars do.

Perks of Adding EV Charging Stations to Your Healthcare Center

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Can EV Charging Stalls Be Assigned to Hospital Personnel?

Thanks to the Cyber Switching charging station RFID technology it is possible to enable user ID authentication in some EV chargers assigned particularly to hospital personnel. This gives your staff a privileged position that facilitates their possibility for charging while at the same time they can reserve and schedule their charging spot in a time frame.

Can Multiple EV Charging Stations Be Installed in the Hospital?

Yes. EV charging stations just need to have an electrical infrastructure that can support the requirements of the charger. Hospitals generally have large electrical infrastructures, which will probably be capable of feeding multiple EV chargers.

However, in the case that the existing electrical capacity may not be enough to support all the desired EV chargers, then using power management solutions such as the EVMC can help you in installing up to 4 EV chargers using the same branch feeder. This reduces costs and maximizes the use of the existing electrical infrastructure.

Are CSE1 Charging Stations Easy to Use?

Yes, simply plug in the J1172 Type 1 EV charger connector, set up your payment method, and start charging. You will be able to monitor the charging status online and find out when the EV has been completely charged.

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