Electric Vehicle Management Controller (EVMC)

Electric Vehicle Management Controller (EVMC)


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The EVMC brings substantial savings to the installation-costs of very needed charging stations as well as to the monthly utility bill. Designed to work with any non-networked charging station in the market, the EVMC adds efficient power management and allows for cost-effective deployment of EV charging stations in all sorts of environments. Cyber Switching has changed the established conventional concept of dedicating a ‘Single Power Source’ to provide power to the other charging stations, resulting in a dramatic reduction in power infrastructure needed.

Cyber Switching’s system switches power to multiple charging stations in a “round-robin” scenario, so that a single electrical line can feed multiple charging stations, with power incrementally rotating on a programmable timed basis to each vehicle. The EVMC also polls the charging status prior to charging a vehicle and, if charged, moves on to the next vehicle in line. Charge cycle durations are fully programmable. Certain charge stations can get a “priority setting.”

From 4 to 8 times as many vehicles can be charged using the same facilities. Infrastructure material costs for new facilities can be reduced by up to 75%. Monthly utility bills are reduced as the impact of EV charging on peak demand is kept at a minimum. Construction material and labor costs dramatically reduced. Less need for individual circuits, pipe or conduit, wire, and circuit breakers. Most importantly, EVMC has huge environmental benefits.


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