Texas plans to boost EV charging stations across the state as federal funding of $400m looms

Texas is currently experiencing a chicken-or-the-egg situation when it comes to electric vehicles: companies need enough customers to justify building EV charging stations, but drivers want enough charging stations before buying an electric car. However, two pieces of proposed state legislation could address this issue, providing a foundation for companies to put in more fast-charging […]
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When Will EV Chargers Become as Common as Gas Stations?

The US federal government plans to spend billions of dollars building more EV chargers in the country, aiming to have 500,000 public charging stations by 2030. This would help build the confidence of capital markets and private investors in the EV infrastructure, according to Cathy Zoi, CEO of charging infrastructure company EVgo. While the plan […]
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The worst and the most EV charging friendly states in US

A new report by automobile search engine iSeeCars.com ranks US states and cities on their charging infrastructure, based on the charger-to-resident ratio. Vermont tops the list as the most EV-friendly state, with one charger for every 703 residents, followed by California, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Rhode Island. Mississippi ranks the lowest, with 9,275 residents per charger. […]
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US Introduces $2.5 Billion Nationwide EV Charging Program

The Biden-Harris Administration has launched a $2.5 billion nationwide EV Charging Program, opening applications for the Department of Transportation’s Charging and Fueling Infrastructure (CFI) Discretionary Grant Program. The initiative aims to build 500,000 public EV charging stations and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50-52% by 2030. The first round of funding offers $700 million to […]
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Workplace EV charging could cut need for more power plants

A recent MIT study suggests that strategic planning of EV charging station locations, particularly emphasizing workplace charging, could reduce the need for additional power plants. Using data from New York City and Dallas, researchers argue that intelligent planning could utilize excess solar capacity and minimize the need for new power plants. Rather than assuming most […]
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7-Eleven wants its EV charging network to be among the largest

7-Eleven has announced plans to create one of North America’s largest EV charging networks, called 7Charge. The company will install DC fast-charging stations at its locations across the U.S. and eventually Canada, accessible through a proprietary app. EV Charging is already available at some stores in California, Colorado, Florida, and Texas. 7Charge aims to be […]
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USPS will order 9,250 Ford E-Transit EVs and 14,000 EV chargers

The US Postal Service (USPS) is to buy 9,250 Ford E-Transit battery-electric vehicles and 14,000 EV charging stations to electrify its mail delivery fleet, the agency said. While the agency has yet to finalize plans for where the vehicles and infrastructure will be deployed, it aims to start building charging infrastructure at a minimum of […]
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Portland approves public EV charging stations in more areas to close equity gaps

Portland City Council has given unanimous approval to a proposal to increase public EV charging stations throughout the city. The project aims to enable EV-charging firms and utilities to install public chargers in areas where infrastructure is lacking to ensure charging reliability, affordability, and accessibility for renters and people living in multi-dwelling units without access […]
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