When Will EV Chargers Become as Common as Gas Stations?

The US federal government plans to spend billions of dollars building more EV chargers in the country, aiming to have 500,000 public charging stations by 2030. This would help build the confidence of capital markets and private investors in the EV infrastructure, according to Cathy Zoi, CEO of charging infrastructure company EVgo. While the plan falls short of the 1.3 million gas pumps in the US, it would still represent significant growth, bringing the national charging network from a tenth of the size of the gas station network to almost half. According to Zoi, the greater the number of EV chargers, the more comfortable Americans will become with buying electric vehicles, which have so far failed to meet expectations in terms of sales numbers and buyer opinions. Read more here

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Nick Zamanov is a head of sales and business development at Cyber Switching. He is an expert in EV infrastructure space and he is an EV enthusiast since 2012, Since then Nick strongly believed that electric vehicles would eventually replace Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) cars.

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