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Electric Vehicle (EV) owners are usually up to date with the latest trends in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) options. There are many EV chargers featuring different charging levels, power rates, smart features, and more, but have you ever heard about the dual electric car charger? These can be extremely useful in some cases.

If you own two EVs at home or have a commercial establishment, then this article will be useful. Here we explain the basics of what a dual EV charging station is, list our top ranking dual EV chargers available in the market, and more.

What Are Dual EV Chargers and Dual Pedestal EV Chargers?

A regular EV charger features one socket to plug the EV charging cable . This is the common charging solution, but some households have two or more EVs parked in the garage and there are times when the drivers want to recharge the EVs simultaneously, leading to unpleasant charging experiences.

To solve this issue came the EV dual charger. This is a cost-effective charger that has the potential to charge two EVs simultaneously by featuring two EV charging cables (or the respective sockets). When a dual car charging station is used to charge an EV, it can deliver the max available power, but when it charges two EVs it will split the current to recharge both vehicles.

Another suitable solution for charging two EVs simultaneously, mostly used in commercial applications, is the dual pedestal EV charger. This is a pedestal mount with two EV chargers that deliver full power to each of the vehicles, usually powered by the same electrical supply.

The Best Dual EV Charger: Our List

A dual EVSE will save you money and time by allowing you to charge two EVs simultaneously. If you want to get one, we recommend you pick one from our curated list featuring the best dual EV charger options available in the market:

1. Cyber Switching CSE1 Dual EV Charging Station

Figure 1. Cyber Switching – Dual EV Charger

Advantages Disadvantages
Variable power output (3.5kW and 11.5kW)RFID capabilityMultiple payment methods availableRobust NEMA Type 3 enclosure Wi-Fi, LAN and 4G connectivityMonitoring and real-time analysis via pre-commissioned AmpUp app Relatively short cable

The dual-pedestal EV charging station from Cyber Switching is by far the best solution for the commercial sector. This mounting option allows property owners to minimize costs and maximize the number of vehicles that can be charged within a parking lot. Ideal for parking areas with parking spots on opposite sides. This dual car charging station gives the possibility to charge two EVs simultaneously at maximum power, minimizing charging times.

This dual EV car charger gives the possibility to enable user access limitations thanks to its integrated RFID technology while at the same time allows to perform load management according to existing TOU rates to maximize efficiency and savings on a daily basis.  Additionally the charger will give the possibility to pay using credit or debit cards, Google Pay or Apple Pay. These capabilities make it the perfect solution for EV fleet business owners

2. Grizzl-E – Duo Level 2 EV Charging Station

Figure 2: Grizzl-E Duo dual EV charger

Advantages Disadvantages
Variable power outputRobust IP67 aluminum casingSuitable for Tesla and other EVsVersatile mounting system (wall /pedestal /pole)24 ft. EV charging cable It does not include smart features

The Grizzl-E Duo Level 2 EV charging station is a great dual EV car charger for any home. This charger features a 10 kW capacity to be delivered to a single EV or to be distributed among two, featuring a charging cable for each EV. This EV charger is easy to mount on the wall, features a robust design resistant to water and fire, and includes many electrical protection systems in place.

3. ClipperCreek – HCS-D50 Dual Level 2 EV Charging Station

Figure 3: ClipperCreek – HCS-D50 Dual

Advantages Disadvantages
2 x 25 ft. charging cablesRobust casing with NEMA 4 enclosureHigh power out of up to 12 kWConstant electrical monitoring with safety systems in place No smart features included

Another one of the best dual electric vehicle charging stations available for mainly residential applications is the ClipperCreek HCS-D50. This charger delivers a current of up to 40 amps for a power output of 9.6 kW that can be used to recharge a single EV or distributed among two EVs simultaneously. The charger includes many electrical protections, two 25 ft. EV charging cables, and a NEMA 4 enclosure.

Figure 4: Blink – Fast IQ 200 Pedestal Dual EV Charger

4. Blink – Fast IQ 200 Level 2 EV Charger

Advantages Disadvantages
The power rate goes from 12 A (2.9 kW) up to 80 A (19.2 kW)NEMA Type 3R enclosure. Long EV charging cable of 23 ft.Various payment methodsTouch screen (Blink user interface) Much higher price point and lower uptime rate compared to the others in the list

The Blink Fast IQ 200 dual pedestal EV car charger is one of the best commercial chargers available. This charger is future-proofed, featuring a variable power rate going from 2.9 kW up to 19.2 kW, can charge customers with contactless readers and smart credit cards, and includes a touch screen to interact with the charger via the Blink commercial user interface.

Owners can configure this dual pedestal EVSE to charge customers based on the time, kWh consumed, or session. The charger can also be accessed via the smartphone app and it is constantly receiving over-the-air updates.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Bottom line, dual electric car charging stations can be some of the most useful options compared to traditional chargers.  Using a home dual EVSE  reduces the EV infrastructure cost by allowing you to charge two EVs without the need to buy two chargers.  

In the case of commercial applications, the pedestal dual EV charger is a must to save space and to minimize charging times for the customers (which is essential in any commercial establishment). These chargers are also great options to install in multi-dwelling units or buildings, using shared parking space for EV charging. 

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