Best 48 Amp EV Chargers in 2023

Charging an Electric Vehicle (EV) at home can greatly reduce driving costs for an EV, it is also convenient since your vehicle gets charged while you are at home. If you are looking for highly capable EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) for residential applications, we recommend going for one of the best 48 amp EV charger options available in 2023.

A 48 Amp EV charger will be a great choice for you since it allows you to charge your vehicle at a power rate of 11.52 kW. In this article you will find important information on these types of chargers, going from the most important features available in 48 Amp EV chargers, our top picks for chargers for this category, and more.

Features of 48 Amp EV Chargers

But first, if you want to get one of the best 48 amp EV charger options for your home, it is important to know what to expect. In this section, we introduce some of the best features you can aim for.

Basic Smart Capabilities

The first and most important thing you should look for in one of the best 48 amp EV charger models is smart capabilities. These are highly functional features that give you complete control and monitoring over the charging process.

The most common and important smart capabilities are remote control and monitoring. Remote monitoring allows you to verify charging power rate, remaining charging time, and other important information. Meanwhile remote control allows you to start, stop, and modify aspects of the EV charging process, including configuring a charging schedule to take advantage of off-peak tariffs.

Advanced Smart Capabilities

Those who want to get even more features can go for more advanced 48 amp EVSE options. Some of these include power sharing, dynamic load balancing, and even smart solar charging.


    • Power sharing maximizes the charging capabilities between several EVs being charged.

    • Dynamic load balancing works hand-in-hand with other appliances to charge at the maximum possible capacity without surpassing the electrical capacity of your home.

    • Smart solar charging uses solar power to partially or fully charge your EV with direct or stored clean energy generated by the rooftop PV system at your home.

Safety/Efficiency Certifications

Some important features and specifications that you might find in the most capable 48 amp EV charger options available include safety and efficiency certifications. The two most important ones are the UL Certification which ensures the charger is up to safety and sustainability standards according to OSHA and the NEC, and the ENERGY STAR Certification which ensures the charger is up to the highest efficiency standards.

Indoor/Outdoor usage

Depending if you are looking to install the charger indoors or outdoors, you might want to look for certain enclosure features for your 48 Amp EV charger. All EV chargers are suitable for indoor installations, but only those  featuring an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP44 – IP55 or superior will ensure maximum protection in both, indoor and outdoor applications.

The Best 48-Amp EV Charger: Our Top

To help you pick the best 48 amp EV charger for your home, we reviewed the available options in the market and came up with these top picks. Here you will find some of the best EV chargers featuring a 48 Amp charging level, and excellent features.

1.    Cyber Switching – CSE 1

Figure 1. Cyber Switching CSE1 EV Charger.

 The Cyber Switching CSE 1 is our top option for a 48 amp EV charger. Equipped with a NEMA Type 3 enclosure rated for indoor and outdoor installations along with capabilities for WiFi, LAN or 4G connectivity, the CSE 1 is designed to work and be installed technically anywhere.

Besides, the CSE 1 has been designed with multiple smart features such as real-time monitoring and data analysis, load management according to TOU rates, RFID authentication, and management capability for multiple EV chargers. These features, along with a 99.98% uptime reliability,  make it the best 48 amp EV charger solution for commercial applications and a very valuable alternative for residential and home charger users.  

2.     Wallbox – Pulsar Plus

Figure 2: Wallbox Pulsar Plus

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is one of the best EV chargers in the market that can easily deliver 48 amps, while its maximum available capacity goes up to 91.67 amps or 22 kW. This 48 amp EVSE includes all the basic smart charging capabilities you would need, like remote monitoring, remote control, schedule charging, and others.

This 48 Amp EV charger is a wall-mounted EV charger that features a 16 ft. EV charging cable, being protected by an IP 54 enclosure rating. If you want to use dynamic load balancing with this charger, you can do so by acquiring an additional bundle.

3.     ChargePoint – Home Flex

Figure 3: ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger

The ChargePoint Home Flex 48 Amp EV charger is one of the best chargers on the list, designed by ChargePoint, one of the most popular network operators worldwide. Being able to deliver up to 22 kW, this EVSE includes all the basic smart capabilities like remote monitoring, remote controlling, and a few others. Additionally, it includes charging reminders and Alexa voice control.

This 48 Amp EV charger is better suited for indoor usage since it is rated NEMA 3R. It comes equipped with a 23 ft. long EV charging cable, and the whole thing can be controlled over the ChargePoint app that you use for public charging.

To Summarize

Acquiring a 48 Amp EV charger is the best way to charge your EV, easily charging a 60 kWh battery in around 5 hours, an 80 kWh battery in 7 hours, and a 100 kWh one in over 8 hours. To enjoy higher functionality and features, we recommend picking a smart EV charger like the ones featured in our top pick list.

Additionally, we recommend looking at other important features you might find in a 48 Amp EV charger, starting from the safety certifications, enclosure rating, and the length of the EV charging cable. The good news is that you might be able to reduce the cost of your EV charger by applying to a Federal incentive, or in some cases a local incentive. 

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