The Henry Condominium EV Charging infrastructure

Condominium Case Study: EV Charging infrastructure issue in The Henry Condominium in Portland, OR


The homeowners of this luxury high-rise condominium located in midtown Portland OR believe in the growth of EVs and wanted to ensure their community had the means to support it for years to come. With only a total of 160 amps of available power before new service the community felt limited by the ability to only support 4 residents. The developer installed a single community charger, but residents quickly realized this was not the right fit. They had to continually move their vehicle back to their parking space in the garage causing many residents to protest this as frustrating and inconvenient. The HOA was getting many requests for charging, and it was clear the community charger wasn’t going to work for residents. A scalable solution which could be implemented with as low budget as possible was needed.


Cyber Switching consulted to install EV Management Controller (EVMC) layout to service 16 residents and leverage the existing electrical service in order to make it a valuable EV charger installation in Portland. This design drastically lowered individual resident installation costs and electrical conduit within the garage. Residents now pay a flat monthly rate and have a dedicated charger installed directly in their parking space. Currently, the Henry EV condominium has four EVMC units with 16 outlets for residents to plug their EV Chargers.

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Nick Zamanov is a head of sales and business development at Cyber Switching. He is an expert in EV infrastructure space and he is an EV enthusiast since 2012, Since then Nick strongly believed that electric vehicles would eventually replace Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) cars.

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