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SAN JOSE, CALIF.Cyber Switching, a leader in intelligent power management solutions, announces the launch of its smart level-2 commercial EV charging station. This represents a substantial step towards eliminating the notorious bottlenecks in EV charging infrastructures across the United States: high pricing, difficult installation, and a lack of infrastructure and expertise. The announcement came during the NAFA Expo 2022, a premier networking event that brings together fleet professionals from across North America.

With a strong focus on affordability and sustainability, Cyber Switching aims to make the transition to EVs easier, smoother, and even financially rewarding for big corporations, workplaces, commercial fleet owners, and building operators. Unlocking new revenue streams and optimizing installation through AmpUp’s Software Management platform, the product allows these actors to solve any electrical infrastructure challenges to install EV charging stations.

The demand for EVs keeps growing, and their number is expected to reach 18.7 million in the United States by 2030. Cyber Switching has developed its commercial smart EV charging station to push these efforts further and support the global initiative toward a greener future. It empowers a variety of actors to scale their existing electricity infrastructures to power their EV fleets.

Moreover, the market need for Cyber Switching’s commercial EV charging station is now more pronounced than ever. With President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the United States will be investing $7.5 billion to build out a national network of 500,000 EV chargers, especially along highway corridors and within relevant community hubs. The aim is to accelerate the adoption of EVs, reduce emissions, improve air quality, and create new jobs.

“In the next decade, EV sales are expected to grow at least ten-fold. And to achieve this target, we need an efficient and sustainable EV charging infrastructure. This is what we are accelerating towards with our Cyber Switching smart level-2 commercial EV charging station,” says Chuck Reynolds, CEO, and Founder of Cyber Switching. “We want to take the war against fossil fuels to every workplace and commercial building in America while enabling revenue generation opportunities to make it easy for businesses to make the switch.”

Cyber EV Charger CSE1 would be available for shipping on May 15th.

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Nick Zamanov is a head of sales and business development at Cyber Switching. He is an expert in EV infrastructure space and he is an EV enthusiast since 2012, Since then Nick strongly believed that electric vehicles would eventually replace Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) cars.

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