Case Study: Baltimore Aircoil launches employee EV charging program with Cyberswitching EV charging stations

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Baltimore Aircoil Company, Inc. is a global industry leader with over 80 years of experience in the HVAC, Industrial, and Refrigeration market. Tim Buzby, VP of Business Transformation at Baltimore Aircoil, wanted to offer a new sustainable transportation benefit to employees at the company’s headquarters in the US.  Some of the offices in Europe had launched similar workplace charging programs and he knew they were well received by employees.

Tim from Baltimore Aircoil consulted Cyberswitching to procure CSE1 OCPP-compliant EV charging stations with a maximum amperage setting of 48A. This solution offered reliable and affordable EV charging for its employees. By subscribing to the software management software, Baltimore Aircoil launched a free EV charging program for its employees using easy Plug-and-Charge activation and smart scheduling to prevent unauthorized access outside of business hours.

Ultimately, Baltimore Aircoil launched a new employee benefit without requiring a significant investment. “I’m always doing something new for my employees and the team at Cyberswitching delivered a well priced EV charging solution. Their charging software is also very intuitive, which has made it easy to manage my employee EV charging program,” said Tim Buzby.


Baltimore Aircoil installed a dual CSE1 Level-2 EV charging station mounted on a back-to-back pedestal and saved almost $10,000 compared to the quotes for turnkey installation he received from other suppliers. With these charging stations, the company launched its pilot for employee EV charging at no cost to employees. On a scale of one to ten, Tim rated the Cyberswitching charging station as a perfect 10, highlighting the companies’ commitment to delivering excellent customer service, and providing great value to workplaces.

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Nick Zamanov is a head of sales and business development at Cyber Switching. He is an expert in EV infrastructure space and he is an EV enthusiast since 2012, Since then Nick strongly believed that electric vehicles would eventually replace Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) cars.

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