CA Title 24 Compliance

Cyber Switching, Inc ePower Manager Series products supports California Energy Commission (CEC) Title 24.


Power Management & Control

Cyberswitching provides solutions for commercial power management & control There are over 80 available, each to provide ultimate flexibility to monitor, manage & control.


Power Distribution Units

Power Distribution units (PDU), is a system with advanced features such as individual outlet controls, SNMP, & Touchscreen.


Automated Demand Response

Automated is a powerful display extension with an advanced controls, and numerous modes.


Cyber Switching designs and manufactures power distribution units (PDU) used to distribute power to rack equipment. Data centers, production environments and development test labs use PDU's to power cycle and manage power to blade servers, routers, switches, SAN's, etc.

Our intelligent PDU's can monitor current individually by outlet and also provide virtual circuit breaker protection on an individual outlet basis. No other PDU on the market offers these unique features. We also offer basic PDU's with total current monitoring.

Cyber Switching tools are used by leading-edge global enterprises to enhance the functionality and reliability of their networking environments. Our products are installed in data centers, IT labs, wiring closets and remote offices around the world.