EV Fleet Charging Solutions

EV Fleet Charging Solutions

Business owners who want to update their company vehicle fleet to an environmentally friendly electric car, will need to make use of an efficient, affordable and reliable EV fleet charging station. Whether your company owns cars, trucks or buses, the Cyber CSE1 EVSE charging station is the best fleet EV charging solution to cover your electrical car charging needs.

Fleet Management

This EV charger works with Open-Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), which gives you the flexibility to choose whichever management software you want to use. However, the Cyber CSE1 already integrates an EV fleet management software, which allows you to automatically set up charging times for all your electric vehicle fleet according to the best electricity rate periods from your utility. Besides, you will be able to monitor real-time energy data consumption and view historical energy usage to evaluate performance and charging status of your vehicle fleet.


Moreover, the 97.98% reliability of this model ensures that your vehicles will stay up to charge and ready to work anytime, making it one of the safest and most reliable EV fleet charging solutions available.


Cyber Switching EV fleet charging stations can also be installed under a wall-mounted or pedestal mounted configuration. This provides flexibility to the installer and to the customer to make use of the solution that best adapts to your needs. Moreover, it is rated to work outdoors and indoors as well.

Easy to use and Safe

Using an EV charger that is user friendly, UL compliant and that offers multiple protection for both the equipment and the customer, is essential to guarantee a successful charging of an EV fleet over time. Choose Cyber CSE1 whether you own a car rental company, taxicab fleet, shipping company, or need to use EV charging equipment for a government car fleet including police stations, hospitals, or transportation.

Perks of an EV Charging Fleet Station  

RFID Integrated

The Cyber CSE1 is one of the few EV fleet solutions that allow you to enable user authentication for your EV fleet. We know that managing a large fleet of vehicles also requires having a large set up of EV charging stations, which is why this feature will ensure only authorized personnel will have access to these charging stations to charge company vehicles.

Save Money

Having a set of smart EV stations for your electric vehicle charging fleet is a smart financial investment as this type of EV charging stations allow you to maximize electricity savings by adjusting charging times that can match the off-peak rate periods for utilities with TOU schemes.


Charging EV fleets within your company premises is highly desirable advantage. Give your workers the chance to avoid unnecessary long-wait periods in public charging stations and maximize productivity.

For fleets of all types and sizes 

The Cyber Switching CSE1 EV charging station can charge all types and sizes of vehicle fleets including:

  • Pick-up Trucks
  • Shipping or delivery fleets
  • Company vehicles
  • Transportation sector fleets like taxi companies
  • Vehicles for police stations, hospitals, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the CSE1 Require Any Extra Equipment to Charge My EV?

All that the Cyber Switching EV charging station needs is to have a direct connection to your local single-phase electricity supply at 240VAC through a circuit branch. Properly sized cables and an external OCPD will be required as per electrical code to connect the CSE1 to your main or sub electrical panel.

Is the CSE1 Easy to Use?

Totally! LED status lights in the front of the EV charger show you  whether the CSE1 is in standby mode, charging or waiting to start charging.

  • Blue Light: Standby
  • Constant Green Light: Waiting to charge after EV is connected.
  • Flashing Green Light: Charging

What Power Rating is Better for Charging Electric Fleets?

The higher the power rating of the EV charging station, the faster your EV will be completely charged. Depending on your need for charging speed, you will have to choose between 3.5kW, 7kW, 10kW or 11.5kW. To find out how many hours on average it would take to charge your EV fleet, search for the battery capacity of your electric vehicle and divide it by the power rating of the CSE1.

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