Commercial EV Charging Station

Cyber Switching’s EV charger, the CSE1, draws upon the company’s three decades of success in delivering advanced power management technology solutions to major commercial customers around the world. Cyber Switching holds 19 patents across its line of four products. With the CSE1, it offers a Level 2 smart EV charger that is designed to be installed at either commercial or residential host sites.
Why Us
Why Us

EV Charging Station like no other

Cyber Switching is one of the most innovative companies in the industry holding 19 patents and counting. We have decided to build our own charger, because we saw many issues with existing products: low uptime, long installation process, availability and high pricing (hardware and software)
One of the most advanced EVSE's in the market: V2G support, OCPP 2.0 compliant
CSE1 has the highest uptime rate (96.9%) in the market. Energy Star and UL Certified.
The CSE1 has the quickest installation process in the market
CSE1 is designed and assembled in California. Made from high-quality components
Flexible Terms
Flexible Terms

Great terms for for bulk orders

Cyber Switching offers the best terms, prices and discounts for wholesalers and distributors who're interested in buying EV Chargers in bulk. We have all our products in stock in huge quantities and have very short lead times
The Best Pricing
The most competitive pricing in the market
Flexible Terms
Great payment terms and Inventory management
The CSE1 chargers are easily swappable
One of the most innovative brands in the industry
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Innovative and
slick EV Charger

Cyber EV Charger

Cyber EV Charger CSE1 charges Porsche

Dual Cyber EV Charger

Dual Cyber EV Charger charges VW

Cyber EV Charger on Pedestal

Special discounts for our partners

We're running special discounts for resellers, wholesalers, and for distributors who're interested in buying charging stations in bulk. Whether you're interested in buying 50, 100, 200 or 500+ chargers, we have great offerings for you. Contact us today!

EV Charging made easy with
the AmpUp mobile app

Due to integration with AmpUp, the chargers don't require any commission in the field. The ability to utilize the mobile app allows you to collect payments, as well as monitor and control your CSE1 EV Charger remotely
Reserve a Charger
Reserve your charging station in advance
Realtime Charging Status
Monitor your charge session speed, price and kWh in real time
QR Scan
Charge your EV with a quick QR scan
Payment Options
Pay with Apple Pay or a credit card and receive detailed receipts

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What type of payment options does the CSE1 offer for users?

EV drivers can pay for their electricity consumed by using credit or debit cards, as well as by using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

What does the EVSE charger allow to monitor?

You will be able to:

  •  Keep track of carbon credits.
  •  View real-time energy data analytics
  •  Verify charging status remotely
  •  Manage charging times for multiple EV chargers

Is the EVSE charging station rated with electrical protection?

Yes, the CSE1 commercial EV charging station includes multiple integrated protection ratings such as:

  • Under Voltage and Over Voltage Protection (UVP and OVP)
  • Residual Current Protection Device (RCD)
  • Surge Protection Device (SPD)
  • Overcurrent Protection Device (OCPD)
  • Over Temperature Protection (OTP)

How do I know the status of the charger?

The CSE1 electric charger features a built-in LED indication light that shows the following color changes according to the status

  • Blue: Stand-by mode ready for charging.
  • Green: Constant charge light
  • Green Flashing: Charging

Is CyberSwitching CSE1 EV Charger certified?

Yes, CyberSwitching EV Charger CSE1 is Energy Star certified and ETL listed

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