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Projections indicate that there will be over 18 million EVs on US roads by 2030. The expected EV owners will include employees working in office buildings, which suggest how critical charging stations are at workplaces. Commercial Property Management firms are already putting up more charging stations, which will significantly boost EV uptake.

Notably, property management firms have the option of installing dumb or smart chargers. Dumb chargers are ideal if the building owners are only interested in allowing employees to charge their cars. The cost of installing such stations is relatively low since there are no monthly software fees. Employees can charge their vehicles for free or pay a flat fee.

On the other hand, smart chargers allow employees charge their cars and monitor all their charging data and control everything remotely, using a mobile app. That way, employers can even charge employees based on their power usage.

Either way, charging stations installations isn’t without a few hurdles. First, there is the problem of electricity supply in commercial buildings. Adding more stations in commercial buildings means a remarkable increase in the electricity load. It is problematic to utility providers since substations have power output limits. Ideally, they would need to upgrade the electricity grid to support the new demands.

Secondly, there is the problem of demand charges. Employers have to pay high monthly utility bills. The utility providers tend to adopt a time-of-use rate model, so the cost could be pretty high if employees keep charging at peak hours.

Finally, there is the problem of charger compatibility. For instance, level 2 chargers which are the most widespread in charging stations, are in different varieties from the various car manufacturers. The incompatibility becomes a significant hurdle at charging stations and could slow EV adoption.

However, there is still hope for the automotive industry’s green energy goals. Leading power management technology providers have innovative solutions to the EV charging obstacles.

Cyber Switching EVMC Can Solve all of the above issues


Property Management firms like CBRE, JLL, The Henrys and many more benefit from a management system like Cyber Switching’s management system. The on-demand management controller EVMC allows you to connect up to four EV charging stations (EVSE) to a single power line; this helps lower energy expenses without compromising performance and save tens of thousands on electrical upgrades.

The right management and EVSE can also save workers vital hours on the job; with the EVMC, companies can save up to 300 hours a year in productivity. You can learn more on how EVMC works by going here.

Why So many businesses use EVMC?

– It Quadruples the number of EVs charged from available power circuits
– It Reduces panel upgrade & trenching costs by up to 50%
– Customers can easily expand from 1 charger to 4 or more chargers
– It Reduces peak demand energy costs by up to 75%
– It saves 300 hours / year in lost productivity for every station
– Keeps EV fleets charged up effectively and efficiently, while keeping the utility billing at a minimum
– Works with any non-networked and networked EV charging station
– It adds an extra safety to load management

Interested in learning more? Feel free to contact us. Our experts are happy to answer all your questions and help you with you EV charging needs.

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