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Commercial EV Charger CSE1 on pedestal, Level-2 EV charger

Hassle-Free Returns. 2-Year Warranty.

CSE1 Commercial EV Charging station supplies up to 11.5 kW (48A) power to your car. Compatible with every electric vehicle. Easily accept payments, set up charging rates, limit the station to specific group of people, let your customers reserve and schedule charging sessions – all in one tap, via the mobile app. With the highest uptime rate in the industry, CSE1 guarantees up to 42 miles on every hour of charging.


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The easiest and most reliable way to charge your EV

Electric cars are skyrocketing in popularity, and businesses that take notice stand to benefit from a more complete customer experience. What will your customers think when they pull into your property and see a sleek charging station ready for convenient use? Start offering another service to stand out and generate additional income while you’re at it. Adding a couple of CyberSwitching CSE1 chargers can completely alter how customer’s view and interact with your business

Get up to 42 miles on every hour of charging

CSE1 Level-2 EV charging station charges up to 9X faster than a standard home charger. Boasting one of the highest uptime rates in the market, of 96.98%, so you can you go further than ever before. Get the most of every minute. This charger has multiple internet connection options to keep it functioning optimally anywhere. Easily check on the progress of every charge from the mobile app.

Compatible with every electric vehicle

This EV Charging station is compatible with every electric vehicle in North America. It has been specifically designed with safety in mind, so you can charge with confidence. CSE1 was rigorously tested and certified by Nationally Recognized Test Lab ETL and Energy Star. You safety is our number one priority.

Scale your EV infrastructure without any limits

Willing to add more charging, but don’t have enough electrical infrastructure? CyberSwitching commercial EV charger CSE1 supports advanced and dynamic load management and lets you scale your EV infrastructure as much as you’d like to. You could connect several EV charging stations now to either a single or several circuit breakers, at a fraction of cost.
Cyber EV Charger CSE1 in parking lot, in front of library

Innovative, Lightweight, & Powerful

Why CSE1 is the best EV Charger for your business and Multi-Family Unit

Accept payment
Accept Payments and Make Passive Income

Make an additional passive income using CSE1 EV Charging station. Customers can use a variety of online payment options to get on the road faster.
Secure Access to your Charging Stations

Prevent anyone from using your charging stations. Every CSE1 charger can be set up to require RFID cards or a special code in order to charge their vehicle.
Only Cutting-Edge & Quality Components

Our engineers used only cutting-edgy and quality components to withstand harsh weather conditions. Set it up inside a garage or even in an outdoor area.
EV charger installation
Simple and The Quickest Installation in the industry

CSE1 has the quickest installation process in the industry. Any electrician will have no issues installing this charger station and getting it activated for use.

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EV Charger

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Additional information

Weight 56 lbs
Dimensions 63 × 14 × 20 in

4G, Wifi


  • Weight: 56 lbs
  • Dimensions: 63 in x 14 in x 20 in
  • Cable: 25-foot SAE J1772 standard plug
  • Output Power: up to 48A, 11.5 kw
  • OCPP 1.6J and OpenADR 2.0b compliant
  • ENERGY STAR certified
  • UL Certified
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Operating Temperature: -22 to 122F
  • Application: indoor and outdoor

Average Rating

60 Review
5 star 85%

4 star 14%

3 star 2%

2 star 0%

1 star 0%

60 reviews for Commercial EV Charger CSE1 on pedestal, Level-2 EV charger

  1. (60)


    This charging station provides all you need at a great price. It’s extremely well made with a good warranty.

  2. (60)


    After speaking to the team at Cyber Switching, I ordered the unit and it was delivered in 5 days. Had an electrician install the receptacle and I’ve been using it for the last month without any issues.

  3. (60)


    We’re expanding our fleet from 2 PHEVs to 12 electric vehicles and needed to buy 6 charging stations. To keep the same pattern and look, we decided to utilize CyberSwitching’s rip out program and replaced our old chargepoint unit with the CSE1s. They look nicer and most importantly are several times more affordable than the Chargepoint.

  4. (60)


    A superb charger. Best deal for a commercial level 2 charger available. As has been said by many, this is a great deal and a high quality product. I’ve installed (hardwired) 2 of these in a single circuit breaker in an open parking lot. Looks and works great so far.

  5. (60)


    We purchased 4 of these charging equipments for our shopping center a while ago. Got them finally installed 3 weeks ago. Looks great in our garage and no issues so far!

  6. (60)


    Great charger. Customer Support team is awesome and delivery time is quick. Highly recommend

  7. (60)


    Installed 2 of them for in our apartment complex. Our tenants love it so far and I’ve heard a lot of good things about the app as well

  8. (60)


    Good working Charging Equipment. It has an Ok quality cable and plug and good enclosure. But nothing premium. Haven’t had any issues though since I bought it 6 months ago.

  9. (60)


    Love having 48A of charging!! Our electrician self installed it (hard wired) in a few hours, easy to setup and working perfectly.

  10. (60)

    Jeffrey M.

    Looks great in our parking lot and very easy to use. Haven’t had any issues so far. Highly recommend

  11. (60)


    I bought this charger for our condo after researching many of the popular EV charger models. I was impressed with all the positive reviews, reliability, and the price. Also I should say it’s a very good looking product

  12. (60)


    This is the second one of these chargers I bought for my property in Alabama. The prices on some of the more traditional companies (Chargepoint, Blink) have gone way up recently, so I thought I would give this local company a try. Works as it should with our cars.

  13. (60)


    We purchased 2 of these stations. Good quality product. We haven’t had any issues with it. We had some issue with installing it – but the tech support team was quick enough to resolve all issues. In overall I’d say it’s a solid product

  14. (60)


    This level 2 ev charger is incredibly easy to use. The directions that come with it are very easy to follow and within minutes of taking it out of the box, we were able to charge our vehicles at about 8 times faster than the level 1 charger we had before.

  15. (60)


    We have purchased over 20 of these specific model chargers. They have performed perfectly over the last 5 months.

  16. (60)


    We purchased over 50 of these equipments for 3 of our clients. Very easy installation and very knowledgeable customer support team. We’re happy with our purchase and looking forward to installing more of these ev charging stations in the near future

  17. (60)


    I wanted to wait a while before writing a review on this charger. This is our third CSE1 charger. Very easy to install and easy to use. We haven’t had one single issue with these chargers within last 3 months, since we purchased them. Very pleased with it.

  18. (60)


    Great product. Worth every cent it costs.

  19. (60)


    These guys are awesome. Educated me a lot about the charging stations. Got the product on time. Easy to install and very user friendly. Great price

  20. (60)


    We have 6 of these station in our complex. Got an issue with one of them about 2 months ago. Contacted support team, they asked me several questions to understand what the problem and sent me a replacement right away with a return label. Haven’t had any problems anymore. Would buy again here.

  21. (60)


    Prior to ordering we did a lot of research and ended up ordering CSE1. We ordered 4 of these stations. They look cool in our lot. Hopefully would work for many more years 🙂

  22. (60)

    Mark H.

    This is an amazing Level 2 charger and gets me about 40 miles per hour when connected to my Tesla Model S! Highly recommend!

  23. (60)

    Alicia R.

    Definitely The BEST bang for your buck. I’m sure you can find a better made product from a higher quality materials, but I’ve seen them priced at least twice more than this. Happy with what we have. Works great.

  24. (60)


    It was less bulky than anticipated, which worked great for us. We got three of them installed in front of our building. Looks nice and charges pretty fast (faster than anticipated). Highly recommend.

  25. (60)


    Ordered 2 of these for our 120 units apartment complex to test. So far so good. Planning to buy several more. But maybe dual ones next time – they’d take less space. I’m very pleeased with the purchase.

  26. (60)


    I got this CSE1 charger a week ago. The charger is very well made with durable materials and very cool design. It was very easy to install and works excellent. It also has a great mobile app that works perfect when you want to control the charger remotely. I would recommend it to anyone on the market for Fast Level 2 charger

  27. (60)


    We’ve purchased and installed more than 10 of these equipments so far. Haven’t had any problems. Very easy to install and provision. A solid product with a very professional support team behind it. Would recommend it to anyone who is interested in commercial chargers.

  28. (60)


    Purchased one two months ago and got it installed a week ago. It’s up and running. Installation and activation was very simple. Looks better than it’s in the pics. No issues yet

  29. (60)


    We’re extremely happy with the charger. Everything works exactly as described and suits our needs perfectly. The shipping was also fast and packaged safely so the box arrived in perfect condition.

  30. (60)


    Great Purchase, intuitive design, simple to operate. Only deficiency is that we were under impression that there’s no subscription, but ended up paying $175/year… Once we did our research we found out that every commercial charger has some kind of subscription and our subscription is actually very reasonable.

  31. (60)


    Very happy with the purchase. We purchased 2 of these stations. They look and work really well.

  32. (60)


    Nothing fancy, but gets the job done. Also, we got a state rebate for these.

  33. (60)


    We were looking for 6 charging stations for our public parking structure, due to regulations by our county. The main goal was an option to accept payments from users and to have an option to use the charging stations for free by owners and operators. Also we wanted to have an access to the usage remotely. CSE1 was a great fit for us and solved all our problems

  34. (60)

    David G.

    I purchased for our guest house. My main concern was a bad phone reception in our property, but I got assured by the sales rep that in the worst case I can hardwire it with ethernet cable. But luckily their SIM card was great and was able to pick up a signal and work with it. Excellent ev charging station.

  35. (60)


    The charger is good — wish the cord was about 2 to 3 feet longer…

  36. (60)


    Got these chargers for fast charging three hybrid and 2 fully electric cars. It cut charging time by 2/3. Also, we got rebate for offer on them. Good all around!

  37. (60)


    This is one really fast charger! Installation was very quick and easy. We used Cyber Switching’s recommended installer and very happy with the service.

  38. (60)

    Son L.

    Great design. No complains

  39. (60)


    Was easy for electrician to install. Mobile app and dashboard are great and easy to use.

  40. (60)


    Had an issue with the cable since the first week. It was getting worse as time was passing by…. I’ve reported an issue to the their technical support. They asked me to record the video of the problem and were kind enough to send a replacement unit for free. Haven’t had an issue with the cable since then

  41. (60)


    It works perfect. Charges our fleet overnight. Needed an certified electrician to hardwire the unit

  42. (60)


    Fast to install, power cord is a good length.

  43. (60)


    Purchased 2 of these for our hookah bar’s parking lot. It’s a great additional source of income for us.

  44. (60)


    Really good value for your money. Easy to install and use!

  45. (60)

    Nicholas L.

    Love the smart charging feature. We monitor the usage, offset our carbon credit and most importantly accept payments

  46. (60)


    Solid EV charging station. The cable length is better than average. Good value for the price.

  47. (60)


    Durable, lightweight and works great

  48. (60)


    Solid charger with zero issues

  49. (60)


    Love this ev charger. The electrician that we used said it was a very easy install. Compact unit with a nice, user-friendly app.

  50. (60)


    Excellent product. Works great. In some cases more powerful than necessary. Easily charges any electric car within 4-5 hours. Installation completed in less than 4 hours.

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