Apartments and Condos – Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

Apartments and Condos - Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

As electric vehicles are becoming part of our daily lives, car charging stations for apartment buildings will also become a very important sector to cover. The best time and place to charge an EV is during the night, at the comfort of your home. During this time, not only the electric car will be protected in the safety of your condo, but will also be productive as the renters can use the night shift to charge their EVs. This optimizes your time use and also charges your EV during a time where off-peak electricity rates are applied in TOU schedules.

Moreover, EV charging stations for apartments are a valuable asset that can add property value to your condos or townhouses that will also draw attention to the top quality renters who will be looking for an additional input to select their apartment.

The Cyber Switching CSE1 electric car charging stations for condos can be the perfect addition to your apartment complex, giving your tenants a high quality smart EV charger that complies with OCPP protocol and that has a 99.98% uptime reliability. Additionally, they will enjoy multiple features included in the charger while your rental or construction company can bring brand awareness towards new customers by positioning itself as a sustainability leader in the sector.

Perks of an EV Charging Station for Your Apartment Building

How Cyber Switching Makes It Simple for Property Managers to Offer EV Charging?

Power Management Options

Cyber Switching offers a unique solution in the market known as the EVMC that can potentially increasing the number of CSE1 electric car charging stations for condominiums that you can install at your property by using the existing electrical infrastructure of the building. This allows property managers (who already have built their buildings) to update their condos to include a much needed EV charger station without representing a major renovation process.

Remote Monitoring

 Cyber Switching CSE1 electric car charging solutions for apartments are designed to offer a smart and easy to use option for EV owners who want to have a fully remote control of their charging EV status while being at home. Property managers can easily offer CSE1 as a complete solution that will give piece of mind to tenants.

From Amenity to a Need

Studies have shown that in cities like Seattle and Los Angeles multifamily properties already overwhelmingly offer EV charger stations. This has shown that tenants in these high profile areas, no longer see EV charging for condos as an amenity but as a necessity. Property managers can then easily offer the CSE1 as a solution to cover the needs of potential new clients.

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How Many EV chargers are Needed for an Apartment Complex?

Electric car charging for apartments is not a precisely required element that needs to be included in new buildings at the national level. However, many jurisdictions, including California, are starting to include in building regulations the need for EV ready infrastructure that can host future EV charger additions without requiring any major infrastructure upgrade. While requirements according to CALGreen are at 3% of parking spaces, most common applications include EV charging stations for 10% of parking spaces.

How Much Value Can an EV Charging Station Provide to My Apartment?

Studies performed in several cities across the country show that adding an EV charging station to the apartment building can substantially increase the average rent value per square feet. For instance, cities like Los Angeles, Seattle and Saint Louis can increase the rent cost of an apartment complex anywhere between 22% and 40% for adding an EV station.

Are There Any Incentives for Installing an EV Charging Station?

Yes, there are multiple state level incentives available, particularly in states like California, New York, Delaware, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut and Maryland.

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