Electric Vehicles for 2022: Your Fresh Guide to the Best Options in the Market

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The Electric Vehicle (EV) market is constantly growing at a surprisingly rapid rate. Each year more citizens around the world choose e-Mobility as their preferred mobility solution, while EV manufacturers release more and highly improved EV models to the market. In the first quarter of 2022 alone, registrations for EVs increased by up to 60% compared to the previous year.

Considering the large number of models released to the market, it is important to be able to pick your new EV among the best options available. In this article, we bring you some of the top electric SUVs in 2022, the best EV sedans, hybrid vehicles, and even the best pickup truck EVs released in 2022. Here you will also learn important details to consider before buying your new EV.

Consider This before Buying an EV

EVs come with a series of variable specifications that will determine the performance of the vehicle and the experience you will get as a driver. These are some important aspects you should consider before settling on a particular new EV:

  • Driving Range
  • Efficiency
  • Battery capacity
  • Acceleration
  • Max Speed
  • Additional features

The driving range, efficiency, and battery capacity of an EV are specifications that relate to each other, but they are not exchangeable. It is important to pick an EV with a large battery capacity, but also great efficiency, this will reduce your annual charging expenses to drive the EV, while increasing its driving range.

To ensure a great performance, it is also valuable to pick an EV with great acceleration and maximum speed, but this may be more or less necessary considering your driving habits. It is also important to pick an EV with several additional features that enhance your experience as a driver.

Best Electric SUVs For 2022

SUVs are great vehicles for EV drivers. They deliver outstanding performance, feature great technical specifications, and will provide you with a great experience in general. Here are the best electric SUV of 2022.

1. Ford Mustang Mach-E

While calling a Mustang an SUV may seem out of the question, the Ford Mustang Mach-E can be considered one of the best electric crossover EVs of 2022. This vehicle delivers an extreme performance that takes it from 0 to 60 in just 3.5 seconds and achieves a top speed of 124 mph, it also includes a 98.8kWh battery that delivers a maximum driving range of 315 miles. In general terms, this is one of the best SUV EVs of the season.

2. Volkswagen ID.4

The Volkswagen ID.4 has placed itself as one of the best EV SUVs in 2022 by featuring a highly competitive price, a great design, and excellent performance. This vehicle includes features like Road Assistance, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Blind Spot Monitor, Traffic Assistance, Lane Assistance, and much more. The Volkswagen ID.4 is equipped with a variable battery of 62kWh or 82kWh, featuring a maximum driving range of 280 miles. The engine takes the EV from 0 to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds and achieves a top speed of 112 mph.

Best Hybrid Vehicles Of 2022

Hybrid vehicles combine the advantages of combustion and electric vehicles, making them an interesting choice for many drivers. In this section, we list some of the best electric hybrid cars of 2022.

1. BMW X5 xDrive 45e

The BMW X5 xDrive 45e is considered by many as one of the best electric hybrid cars in 2022 as a result of the great technical specifications for its combustion and electric engine. The battery of the EV delivers a driving range of 54 miles on a single charge and a combustion efficiency of 40.1 mpg with its 3.0-liter 6 cycles plus e-motor. This engine can take the BMW X5 xDrive 45e from 0 to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds and deliver a max speed of 152 mph.

2. Audi A8 Hybrid

The Audi A8 Hybrid is another perfect example of a seamless combination of an electrical and highly efficient combustion engine, featuring a 148.7 mpg efficiency. The hybrid vehicle includes a 3.0 V6 petrol turbo PHEV engine, delivering 456 HP power across eight speeds. The Audi A8 Hybrid can go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds and achieve a top speed of 155 mph. Its performance is only rivaled by the beautiful design of its exterior and interior, making it one of the best electric hybrid cars of 2022.

Best Electric Sedans Of 2022

Sedans comprise some of the most beautiful luxury EVs in existence, delivering an amazing performance. In this section, you will find the best electric sedans for 2022.

1. Mercedes EQS

The new Mercedes EQS is the signature vehicle representing the Mercedes Company in the EV industry, this luxurious EV sedan is considered one of the best EV cars in 2022. This sedan features a highly luxurious and aesthetic design for the cabin and the exterior. The EV is equipped with a 107.8 kWh battery that delivers a 350 miles driving range, you can equip this EV with an engine of up to 751 HP, achieving a top speed of 155 mph and an acceleration of 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

2. Porsche Taycan Sedan

Porsche has always been at the forefront of luxury vehicles, and the Porsche Taycan Sedan is not the exception. This luxurious Sedan EV is amazing, featuring an astonishing exterior design, a comfortable and luxurious interior, and an outstanding performance that makes it one of the best electric cars for 2022. The Porsche Taycan Sedan is equipped with a 240kW/321 HP engine that goes from 0 to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds, achieves a top speed of 162 mph, and delivers a 282 miles driving range with its 79 MPGe efficiency.

Best Electric Vehicles for 2022: Overall TOP

While many decide to divide EVs into different categories, some of them are just too great to be enclosed into boxes. In this section, you will find the overall top electric cars of 2022.

1. Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is an important part of the top EV cars in 2022 because it creates the perfect balance between economy, performance, and design for an EV. This Tesla model features an AWD dual motor that achieves a top speed of 155 mph and goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Its driving range is measured at 330 miles, and the EV features a great utility space that fits up to 7 passengers. The Tesla Model Y is also safety focused, including a rigid structure, impact protection, and a low center of gravity.

2. Hummer EV Pickup

Some of the most hyped and expected EV pickup trucks will still take a year or two to hit the market, but the Hummer EV Pickup is here and ready to stay. This heavy-duty EV features an extremely comfortable interior, high-definition screens, off-road dominance, ultravision, and specially engineered 35’’ tires, making it one of the best electric vehicles in 2022. The EV pickup truck includes a 212.7 kWh battery that delivers a 350 miles drive range, its engine can achieve 0 to 60 in 3 seconds, and a top speed of 106 mph.

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