Your Power Management Partner for Over 25 Years
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Cyber Switching's intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) offer the ability to remotely monitor and control equipment through a simple network connection. Our intelligent PDUs are more than just a simple on/off switch; users can monitor the amount of power being used (i.e. the load), set automated alerts and behaviors based on load, and turn individual pieces of equipment on and off with the click of a button!

Intelligent decision making about reducing electrical energy usage requires accurate data from the various power circuits within the building. With good information comes good decisions. Businesses large and small are under increasing economic and environmental pressure to reduce their electric power consumption.Cyber's Buidling Infrastructure technologies can give building managers the ability to identify power uses and manage it accordingly.

Cyber Switching's Test Bench products give test personnel the ability to remotely power on and off any connected device. From test scenarios for auto-recovery to boot-time studies, often having the ability to remotely "cold-boot" a device gives testers a much needed capability. In addition, some products simply "freeze" and the only alternative is to cut power. With our remote test bench tools, remote testing just became much, much easiser.