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Dualcom S - Remote Management with Environmental Monitoring!

Remote Management

Cyber Switching's Dualcom S Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (PDU) offers a robust and fully featured solution for remote power monitoring and control. Stay in touch with IT equipment conveniently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Efficient System Management

The Dualcom S provides a new approach to managing your power infrastructure. This approach allows you to save energy by scheduling shutdown periods. The Vertical Zero-U format allows you to utilize valuable rack space efficiently.

Power Control and Management

The Dualcom S enables scheduled or manual on/off control of each outlet securely from anywhere in the world, 24/7. It also provides monitoring of the load on each outlet. When combined with Cyber's Enterprise Management and Control (EMC) software, load overages can trigger alerts to facility managers of the load increase, enabling a prompt identication and resolution to the problem. With the Cyber Breaker ® Technology, overcurrent conditions can be limited to a single outlet (See more on the Cyber Breaker ® below.)

Key Product Features

Easy to Read Amp Meter

  • Total system medium_text displayed on a seven-segment LED
  • True RMS current measurement

THB Module

  • Ability to connect two environmental probes
  • Temperature and humidity tracking

Outlet Current Metering and Control

  • Track power usage and reduce costs
  • Control and monitoring for each outlet

Incorporates Cyber Breaker® Technology

  • "Trips" an individual outlet when the amperage exceeds a user-defined threshold
  • Limits overcurrent conditions to a single outlet, protecting equipment and avoiding the shutdown of other devices on the same bank

Supports Energy Management & Control (EMC)


Effective Energy Management
Cyber Switching’s Energy Management & Control (EMC) software provides an intuitive user interface to simplify effective energy management and streamline measurement...

  • 2 Modes of Communication:
  • Serial
  • Ethernet

  • Remote Access:
  • Monitor
  • Reboot
  • Manage

  • Designed for Rack Power Management:
  • Zero U vertical format
  • Single or Dual feed power input
  • Individual current monitoring

  • Additional Protocols:
  • TCP/IP
  • SNMP
  • Telnet

  • If for some reason the Dualcom stops responding, a soft reset can be performed by quickly pressing and releasing the reset button located on the right side panel of the Dualcom indicated by the nut-shaped hole.
    To reset the Dualcom press and hold the reset button for thirty seconds then release. The reset button is located on the right side of the Dualcom indicated by a metal finished, screw nut shaped hole. PLEASE NOTE: Returning the unit back to factory default will erase all your settings.
    To avoid improper current readings the Dualcom is designed so that any load lower than 0.1A is considered zero.
    The Backspace key is sometimes mapped to different ASCII character codes depending on the operating system. If you are experiencing this problem, please try using ctrl-H instead.
    Chances are that this is a problem with the network's ARP cache. To optimize the sending of information as quickly as possible, a network device like a switch or router builds an internal list of MAC addresses and their corresponding IP addresses. When you configure your new Dualcom to use an IP address that is already in this list. The router or switch is still using the MAC address for the Dualcom that is being replaced.(For a full explanation of ARP and how it works, visit the Address Resolution Protocol entry on Wikipedia.) You can test if this is the issue by connecting a laptop directly to the same switch and VLAN as the Dualcom. If you configure a static IP address inside the same sub net as the Dualcom's address and are able to get to the Dualcom's network interface, this is most likely the problem. There are two solutions to this problem: wait until the network device "forgets" the MAC/IP relationship (usually between 20 and 30 minutes) or force your network device to clear its ARP cache. For further help with either of these, please contact your network administrator or systems vendor as the details are highly specific to your network.
    System settings can be obtained under the Setup page on the web interface or the System Settings selection on the telnet/serial interfaces. Additional information about your system, including the unit's MAC address, serial number, and firmware revision, may be obtained through a special page available on the web interface. To access this special system information page, first login to the Dualcom's web interface in your browser as the system administrator account. Next, append the page happiekats. shtml to the URL (i.e., where is your unit's IP address) and hit Enter. The resulting page will contain the MAC address, serial number, and firmware revision along with other diagnostic information that may be helpful if you need support.