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Cyber Switching's New Approach for Charging More EVs for Less

The EV Master Controller

Cyber Switching Solutions is introducing a new solution called the EV Master Controller (EVMC). The EVMC provides substantial savings to the installation costs of EV charging stations as well as to the monthly utility bills where EV chargers are found.

Whether you are a fleet manager needing to deploy and keep charged dozens of Electric Vehicles, a corporate or municipal facility manager needing to provide charging to dozens or more EVs, or a multi-family property manager or owner needing to comply by providing EV charging stations for your tenants, the challenges of cost-effectively providing power to Electric Vehicles can be daunting, and the costs to install and provide that power can be prohibitive. Finally there is a solution that can optimize the power needed to efficiently charge multiple electric vehicles while reducing the costs to do so.

Who Can Benefit?

How It Works

Rotational Vehicle Charging

The current approach to EV charging requires a dedicated power line to each charging station serving the multiple vehicles. Those lines need to be run from an electrical panel all the way out to the parking area. Installation costs can be prohibitive and there is no guarantee there is room in existing electrical panels or a guarantee that there is available power from the utility company!

Cyber Switching’s system switches power to multiple charging stations in a “round-robin” scenario, so that a single electrical line can feed multiple charging stations, with power incrementally rotating on a programmable timed basis to each vehicle. The EVMC also polls the charging status prior to charging a vehicle and, if charged, moves on to the next vehicle in line.

  • Dedicated circuits are required all the way to each charging station.
  • Popular charging times will drive peak demand higher.
  • No ability to respond to Auto Demand Response.
  • Employees lose productivity monitoring and moving their vehicles.
  • EV charging power use is unmonitored and unmanaged.
  • Facility requirements are reduced from 1/4th to 1/8th!
  • Peak demand is reduced from 1/4th to 1/8th, as well!
  • Auto Demand Response can include EV charging systems.
  • Employee productivity and morale improved.
  • Intelligent management of EV charging power use.
The Result:  From 4 to 8 times as many vehicles can be charged using the same facilities. Infrastructure material costs for new facilities can be reduced by up to 75%. Monthly utility bills are reduced as the impact of EV charging on peak demand is kept at a minimum. Much more is done with much less.


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  • Rotational charging:
  • Power rotated, continuously searching for a vehicle to charge
  • Once charged, a vehicle falls out of the rotation
  • Charge cycle durations are fully programmable
  • Certain charge stations can get a "priority setting"

  • One circuit for multiple charging stations:
  • Electricity demand charges reduced
  • Power use is monitored at each location
  • With optional element, ready for Auto Demand Response

  • Infrastructure costs reduced:
  • Construction material and labor costs dramatically reduced
  • Less need for individual circuits, pipe or conduit, wire, and circuit breakers

  • Environmental benefits:
  • Less greenhouse gases produced
  • FeatureTechnical Specification
    UL FilePAZX.E206903
    CertificationsUL916, Energy Management Equipment
    CAN/CSA 22.2 No. 205-12, Standard for Signal Equipment
    Output Ratings   277 Vac, 30A/250 Vac, 2 hp motor load; 40A/240 Vac
    # of Stations4 - 7.7kw to 9.6kw Level 2; 8 - 3.8kw Level 2
    Each EVMC has 4 independent channels, each capable of handling 1, 40A level 2 EV charger or 2, 20A level 2 EV Chargers.
    Yes, in a NEMA 3R enclosure designed to be installed outdoors.
    This is not recommended, EVMC should always be physically installed and wired by a certified electrician.
    Yes will work on any standard worldwide voltage rating up to 40A.
    The physical size of the EVMC device is 14.5" x 17" x 2.25". We are selling the EVMC as a kit mounted on a back plane (need to get exact size) designed to be placed into a NEMA 3r/4x electrical enclosure.
    No, the device has an embedded processor making it a totally standalone web enabled device.

    The Cost Saving The Energy Efficient The Power Wise The Planet Friendly The Good for Business EVMC is Ready
    for Your Business, Fleet, or Client!

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