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Building Infrastructure Energy Management

Intelligent decision making about reducing electrical energy usage requires accurate data from the various power circuits within the building. With good information comes good decisions.

Businesses large and small are under increasing economic and environmental pressure to reduce their electric power consumption. The cost of power directly impacts their bottom line, driving organizations to find innovative ways to conserve energy and mitigate rising utility rates.

New programs, such as Pacific Gas & Electric's Peak Day Power program in California, offer the promise of lower rates during off-peak hours, but higher rates during afternoon hours. In some area, PG&E has implemented tiered rates with pricing as high as $13.00 per killowatt hour during demand times, and Time of Use billing is on the close horizon. To avoid higher costs and realize serious savings, businesses must find a way to efficietnly reduce consumption during peak pricing hours.

The ePower Manager - Cyber Switching's Answer to Reducing Building Energy Costs

CyberSwitching’s ePower Manager is the ideal solution, a turnkey intelligent power management system that controls power (load) and monitors energy consumption in real time on mulitple circuites without the need for costly meters or timesr. The device provides scheduled or manual on/off control of eight individual circuits and can monitor the current supplied by each output using CT coils for currents from 15 Amps to 3200 Amps.

The ePower Manager enables one-touch load shedding, allowing organizations to respond instantly to brownout and demand response conditions. When power is restored, adjustable stagger start of circuits helps protect plugged-in hardware. Scalable from a small offcie to a large campus, the ePower Manager provides a detailed view of consumption from individual panels and branck circuits, data center racks, lighting segments, office space partitions, lab space, or connumications closets.

Additional features include baseline usage information, remote management through the Cyber Switching Enterprise Management Dashboard (EMD) , high/low current alarms for added protection , and Cyber Breaker, the virtual circuit breaker, for supplemental circuit breaker protection on an individual outlet basis.

The ePower Manager is an intelligent, cost-effective, scalable, and highly reliable power management system for controlling and monitoring electric consumption. the ePower Manager can help organizations significantly reduce power costs and provide greater visibility into power usage into power usage in commercial and industrial environments.

Flexible Management with the ePower Manager

The ePower Manager is simple to install, feature rich and easily scalable to suit the growing needs withing a building infrastructure. This cost effective solutoin allows for a quick ROI and may be eligible for utility company rebates or LEED credits.

The ePower Manager can support multiple approaches to power management, depending on need. As depicted in the diagram, the ePower Manager can monitor power from various configurations. The standard monitoring scenario, with the ePower Manager connected to a single Circuit Panel, allows for the monitoring of up to 16 circuits connected to a single panel. This could be done for a whole floor or for several other electrical power setups.

Some configurations may require more than 16 circuits monitored from a single panel. In such situations, multiple ePower Managers can be connected to a single panel, allowing for the monitoring of high density electrical infrastructures.

In other situations, perhaps for smaller buildings or those with lighter electrical loads, elecrical pantals on multiple floors could be connected to a single ePower Manager for circuit monitoring, again with the total limit of 16 circuits.

The elegance of the ePower Manager's design allows for amazing flexibility and control of multiple power plant configurations. From a small, single story building, to a large campus with several multi-story facilities, the ePower Manager can deliver a reliable power manemgnet solutoin to control and monitor energy consumption on multiple circuits, without hte need for costly meters and timer systems. The system's versatility can be further built to order as to the specific monitoring or monitoring and control abilities needed.

Power Management with the ePower Manager

The ePower Manager integrates seamlessly with Cyber Switching's ePower Energy Management Dashboard (EMD) web application software, providing an intuitive user interface to simplify effetive energy mangement and streamline measurement and verification activities.

With the ease-to-use EMD dashboard, busy facility professionals can log in from any location at any time to quicky obtain the energy data they need. Access control enables administrators to establish unique access and user permissions for each folder, function, and device for ultimate security and flexibility. Click HERE to learn more.

The ePower Manager's web-based interface allows full system mangement and support with features such as the load shedding cababilities of Cisco's EnergyWise® and OpenADR.

Harness Your Power and Reduce Costs by Load Shedding

Due to the large consumption of power by most corporations, electricity is one of the largest expenses incurred. As a result, corporations are actively searching for ways to reduce their operating expenses.

When the amount of power demand exceeds the amount of electricity supplied, utility companies begin shutting off power to specific areas on a rolling basis so that other areas may use power. This scenario was made infamous in California, and is known as a "rolling blackout." There are two solutions to this problem: build more power plants or load shed.

Load shedding is a preventative method which involves systematically shutting off power to equipment that is considered non-critical, thereby allowing electricity to flow to more critical equipment. Load shedding can be achieved by manually turning off all non-critical equipment, or programming a system to automatically turn off all non-critical equipment.

By utilizing the power control features available on the ePower Manager, corporations can program specific circuits to be turned off when the equipment of facilities powered by them is not needed. The power monitoring features further allow building administrators to identify equipment or users that draw an excess amount of power.

Through a combination of both techniques, corporations can reduce their electrical expenses. One of Cyber Switching’s customers found that they could save over $1,000,000 per building per year by turning off equipment in their test labs when it was not in use . Not only does the customer save in operating expenses, he or she is seen as a community leader by reducing their demand for power -- a true win-win scenario!


Energy Management Control with the ePower Manager
Businesses large and small are under increasing economic and environmental pressure to reduce their electric power consumption. The cost of power directly impacts their bottom line, driving organizations to find innovative...


California’s Title 24 Includes Submetering
The California Building Standards Commission created standards, referred to as Title 24, to promote energy efficiency in commercial buildings. In the latest release of these energy standards, several very stringent metering and...

  • Power Management:
  • Complete Monitor and Control Funcionality for Each Circuit
  • Cyber Breake® Trips a Circuit When Current Exceeds a User-Defined Threshold
  • Lighting Control Functionality

  • Monitoring and Reporting:
  • Real-time Power Usage
  • kWh Reporting Per Circuit
  • Alarms for High or Low Current Loads
  • Historical Trending Capability
  • Tenant Submetering
  • Support for Cisco EnergyWise® and OpenADR
  • Web, Telnet, and SNMP enabled
  • FeatureTechnical Specification
    UL FilePAZX.E206903
    CertificationsUL916, Energy Management Equipment
    CAN/CSA 22.2 No. 205-12, Standard for Signal Equipment
    Output Ratings   277 Vac, 30A/250 Vac, 2 hp motor load; 40A/240 Vac
    # of Stations4 - 7.7kw to 9.6kw Level 2; 8 - 3.8kw Level 2
    To reset the ePower Manager, press and hold the reset button for approximately 10 seconds (LED™s willflash rapidly) and then release. Caution: Off circuits will simultaneously turn on. The reset button is located on the right side of the ePower Manager.
    If the ePower Manager stops responding, a soft reset can be performed. Quickly press and release the reset button located on the right side of the ePower Manager.
    When you reboot a circuit, the circuit turns off after the delay timer expires then comes back after the off timer expires. The default delay I off time is 5 seconds. You can specify them at Preference Settings.
    This is not recommended, EVMC should always be physically installed and wired by a certified electrician.
    Yes will work on any standard worldwide voltage rating up to 40A.
    The physical size of the EVMC device is (need to get exact dimension) currently we are selling the EVMC as a kit mounted on a back plane (need to get exact size) designed to be placed into a NEMA 3r/4x electrical enclosure.
    No, the device has an embedded processor making it a totally standalone web enabled device.